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01 Features

Super Aqua Detoxyfying Peeling Gel (100ml)

step detoxifying peeling gel for clear skin


1. Detoxifying effect - Caffeine, Chlorella and Green Tea extracts restore tired, stressed skin 2. Excellent Peeling effect - Fruit acids remove dead skin cells -Shows dramatic visible peeling effect as Cellulose ingredient absorbs the dead skin cells and peel off

3. Less irritation - Skin soothing botanical ingredients peels without irritation - Keeps skin moisturized even after peeling

4. Brightening - Milk and Morus Bombycis Root extracts makes your skin clean and brightened after exfoliation


- Dull, dry skin with dead skin cells that has clogged the pores - If the makeup doesn't last due to excessive oil and dead skin cells - Sensitive skin that is easily irritated with hard, strong exfoliating products


02 Ingredients

1. Oligo GGF - Sugar elements contained in sugar cane, yeast, molasses, cabbages and beans that has excellent moisturizing effect

2. Trehalose - Also called mushroom sugar that decreases the loss of moisture by reinforcing the skin layers.


03 How To Use

1. After washing your face apply appropriate amount on dry skin - avoid eye and lip areas

2. Massage thoroughly until all dead skin cells and impurities peel off

3. Was off with lukewarm water

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