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MISSHA Animal Warming Eye Mask



Warm heated eye patch helps to care weary eyes and relax with gentle fragrance.


Panda: Lavender fragrance.

Tiger: Rose fragrance.

Pig: Jasmin fragrance.

Fox: Chamomile fragrance.

Otter: Fragrance free.



1. Use immedieately after opening.

The temperature and duration can be differ due to the use of enviornment.

2. Product may swell due to the enviornment, but still available to use.

3. After putting eye drops, take interval of time before using.

4. Do not rub eyes while using eye mask.

5. Stop using immediately if feel hot.

6. If eye mask tears and contents get contact with eyes or skin, wash thoroughly with water and see a doctor.

7. Store in cool place avoiding direct sunlight.

8. Do not use if below items are relevant.

a) If having eye desease, infection or injury, edema around eyes

b) If during ophthalmic treatment

c) If sensitive to heat



DURATION : 20 min





1. Cut along the cutting line in the middle of the eye mask.

2. Attach the white side over the eyes.

3. Leave it for 20 minutes and relax while feeling the heat.




Our Tip:

Try MISSHA Animal Warming Eye Masks as Sleeping Masks!

Put on a little more of your eye cream in the evening and put eye mask on. You´ll sleep in very well and comfortable

  1. because of the light pressure
  2. because of warmth, which also deliveres active ingredients of your eye cream deep into your skin and boosts anti aging effects.




  • Iron powder, Active charcoal, Vermiculite, Water, Salt

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