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Balances oil content and hydrates skin

Trouble Cut line focuses on taking care of the various causes of skin trouble in a balanced, mild way

1. Soothes irritated skin and moisturizes with a fresh finish
Sebum control hydration controls excess oil while hydrating and nourishing skin

2. Takes care of the main causes of acne and blemishes
“Derma Clear Formula” diagnoses the causes of skin trouble and treats it in a balanced way

3. Non comedogenic and skin sensitivity test completed
Acne prone skintypes can use it without concern
Chemical free, safe care

Minimal irritation as the formula is completely void of all chemicals such as benzyl achohol, triethanol, and the 6 parabens known to be harmful to skin health

Testing Entity: Derma Pro
Testing Period: 04/24/2017 - 05/25/2017 (4 weeks)
Test Subjects: 21 women between the age of 22-35 who have more than three blemishes on their face


Hydrating gel type soothes skin


5 degree reduction after using cream

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