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01 Features

Signature Sexy Black Eye Liner 01 1

For your aggressively sexy eyes in highly vivid deep black color

Deep black eyeliner maintains vivid eye line all day long against water, sweat and sebum with one touch.
- Vivid color in deep black with high-definition: Deep Black colorant with high color fixation provides more vivid and darker color to express aggressively sexy eyes.

- Evenly applied minute particles: Minute particles by Turbo Beads-Mill Technology are applied evenly on the skin to create thin and even eye line
- Delicate expression by backward-planted brush: Backward-planted brush helps draw delicate eye line keeping top of its shape sharp for a long time contrary to commonly used forward-planted brush
- 3-proof effect of long lasting film polymer: Film polymer creates powerful barrier as soon as applied to keep vivid eye line all day long against water, sweat and sebum.
- 5-step intensive care system: 5-step intensive care system helps restore dry and damaged eye area and root of eyelashes caused by frequent makeup and cleansing.
sig eyeline

02 How To Use

sigeyeline use Draw a line along the eyelid as if filling the inner edge of eyelid with eyeliner brush. * TIP : Close the cap tightly after using to prevent the content from getting dried

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