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MISSHA Color Setting Brow Mascara

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MISSHA Color Setting Browcara



Brow mascara adds dimension to brows by tinting, defining, and setting them in place

Dark Chocolate Brown - For black to dark brown hair
Cappuccino Brown - For medium brown hair
Raspberry Brown - For brown hair with red undertones 
Amber Brown - For light brown hair with orange undertones
Blondie Brown - For golden brown to blonde hair with yellow undertone

Natural-Looking Color
Strands are individually coated in a clump-free formula for uniform and natural-looking color without the risks of dyeing
Quick Dry System
Dries fast, brows are left soft, not stiff or flaky
Long-Wearing Formula
Multi-Block Fitting Polymer formula is water-resistant, smudge-proof, long-wearing
























How to Use
Run the tip of the applicator on the inner rim of the tube until the desired amount of product is distributed on the brush. 
If necessary, wipe off excess
Using shorter bristles (Coloring Side), deposit color evenly over brows.
Using longer bristles (Setting Side), brush through to sculpt brows as desired.
Brush strands at brow head (closest to the inner corner) upwards for added dimension.

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