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01 Features


Soft Jelly Cleansing Puff

"Finally, Soft Jelly Cleansing Puff has arrived in New Zealand!"
Soft Jelly Cleansing Puff is one of the best seller of Missha Product in Korea Why? It is so magical and it helps you to refine your skin just by using this when you wash your face! It is gentle and keep your skin moist
Make soft and silky skin with pure botanical soft jelly cleansing puff
1.    Background
1) As lunching natural product, upgrade to make premium market for cosmetic accessories. - To meet various segmentations in the market with 100% pure natural puff - It is increasing to develop botanical natural product in the market.
2) Increasing concern about sensitive skin -. In Japan, this soft jelly sponge (Konjac) is the best item for cosmetic accessory in the Ranking Ranqueen and has been popular for a long time as baby’s shower sponge. - As increasing atopic skin type, customers tend to prefer to use natural products with low irritation.
2.    Concept <<No more irritation!!>> - Soft and moisturized skin with natural cleansing puff - With pure botanical Konjac 100%, no irritation for sensitive skin type.
3.    Descriptions 1) With light alkalinity, it helps remove wastes on the skin without irritation.
2) It is superior moisturizing fiber and sponge is covered with moisture. It makes the skin moisturized after washing the face.
3) Its fiber structure is reticulum and it removes waste and fuzz on the skin with massage effect.
4) With pure botanical Konjac 100%, no irritation for sensitive and trouble skin type.

02 How To Use

4.    Directions
1) When you apply cleanser on the skin, lightly massage in a circle motion with soft jelly Cleansing Puff.
2) You can apply cleanser on the puff.
3) After using it, remove moist and dry it in airy and dry place.

5.    Tip. (For skin Type)
1) With soft and dense structure, no irritation to atopic and trouble skin.
2) With 100% natural and botanical, no irritation for sensitive skin type.
3) Dry or aged cells skin : Lightly massage without cleanser to softly removes aged cells well and keep the skin moisturized.
4) Oily skin type : With soft jelly cleansing Puff, you can remove and cleanse waste and sebum in the pores caused by excess sebum secretion. 

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