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Missha Sheer Fluid Blusher

Fluid texture blusher for baby face with lovely sheer color




Sheer color make-up
It expresses color clearly like watercolor painting and is good to use for all skin tones by combination of Clear Base and Sheer Pigment.
Soft glowing make-up
Double-effect glow powder with soft glittering pearl and sleek glowing and argan oil making skin moist provide delicate luster to skin and help to express three-dimensional facial contour.
Smooth & Light make-up
It is applied evenly and smoothly without plumping with soft fluid texture harmoniously mixed Hyalarosmooth and silky fit oil for comfortable makeup.


1. Aurora Pink

2. Morning Rose

3. Sugar Apricot

4. Vivid Coral

Above color could be shown differently depending on revolution of monitor,
and the color could also be different depenting on original skin tone


Pump an appropriate amount and apply it with finger tips from inside to outside of cheek as if patting lightly.
* To maximize the delicate luster and clear color, recommended to apply it after BB cream or foundation

Able to make up on both cheeks with only small amount because of great color expression.


Sheer Pigment
It expresses color clearly like watercolor painging
Double-effect Glow Powder
It provides radiance and three-dimensional effect to skin with double effects of glittering pearl using reflection of light and sleek radiance by coating sillicon.
Argan Oil
It is known as "Gold Oil of Morocco" with similarity of moisture factor of natural skin and containing rich vitamin E that helps to keep your skin moisturized and shiny.
It helps maintain your skin moisturized and provide radiance for long time as creating excellent moisture barrier on the skin.
Silky Fit Oil
It is applied evenly and smoothly like silk without plumping and stickiness, and helps keep light and comfortable makeup for long time

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